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Learning from Traumatic Events

Disconnected Values

Traumatic events can highlight weaknesses in your operating model. The values of an organisation are challenged in times of adversity. Did your organisation live up to it’s values?  Is it time to review your them?

If you don’t find out how well you did, you risk the performance of your organisation as you emerge from the crisis.

Core Values

Learning from Adversity


When the trauma is over, the temptation is to breathe a sigh of relief and crack on with business as usual. It’s really tough to look back because of the need to focus on the future and people’s sensitivities when finding mistakes. 

But we learn far more from failure than success.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Henry Ford

How We Help You

We’re a community of business change experts. We partner with our clients to understand how the organisation’s values withstood the pressure. We help draw out the practical learning that will improve your operation into the future. 

  1. Engagement – understand the business and the event
  2. Discover – using the Barrett Model Values Survey and one to one interviews
  3. Dialogue – draw out the learning through dialogue and analysis of the results
  4. Feedback – explore the insights from the analysis with the leadership team
  5. Action – create the improvement plan

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Why it Matters

It matters because there is a link between engaged employees and profitability as set out in The Service Profit Chain. 

Service Profit Chain Illustration

Why Atonic4?

We have unparalleled experience delivering complex change in multiple sectors. As a result, we are ideally placed to help organisations learn, evolve and adapt.

Our reputations are entirely based on delivering for our clients. It is what gets us out of bed every day – a desire to innovate, adapt and drive sustainable change. See what we’ve done.

Designers, Strategists, Deliverers, Critical Friends

We are four businesses comprising strategists, business transformers and programme managers. But we don’t hide behind our project plans, we roll our sleeves up to get things done.

We’re nimble, fast on our feet and deliver value to our clients when they need it most. We thrive on helping clients learn as well as a spirit that’s centered on getting stuff done. Read more about us.