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Simon Knocker

Are you true to your values in a Pandemic?

As a Certified Consultant with the Barrett Values Centre I was fascinated to see the results from the Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment that they completed during, what we all hope will be, the peak of the pandemic in the UK.

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Review Survey on laptop
Stuart Copeland

Projects as Homework

In our opinion, there is a risk that the pandemic means organisations inadvertently increase the proportion of composite projects. Why is that and so what?

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Project Leadership
Simon Knocker

To Hire or Not to Hire?

Getting an external experienced and skilled Project Manager on board always triggers debate within organisations – to hire or not to hire?

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Kerry Thompson

The BV > DV > AV Adventure

Like so many people, I’ve spent these last weeks of social isolation pondering….. My pondering has gone through many phases; firstly, it was pondering about

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