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Helping you get to your ‘New Normal’

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We are very excited to launch our second proposition from Atonic4.  Atonic4learning will help clients get back to a ‘new normal post any traumatic event. 

Atonic4 is an alliance of four companies with identical values that underpin everything we do.  We understand how traumatic events can highlight weaknesses in your operating model but more importantly break the link between your stated values and how they are perceived by your people. 

Nearly every business will have been affected by the trauma of the last several months. If you don’t find out how well your organisation did in the eyes of your employees during times of trauma, you risk the performance of the organisation as you emerge from the crisis.  There can be little doubt that having disengaged employees will have a detrimental effect on your profitability.

When the trauma is over, the temptation is to breathe a sigh of relief and crack on with business as usual. It’s really tough to look back because of the need to focus on the future and people’s sensitivities when finding mistakes.  But we learn far more from failure than success.

What we can do to help

We’re a community of business change experts. We partner with our clients to understand how the organisation’s values withstand pressure. We help draw out the practical learning that will improve your operation into the future. Our five-step process is broken down as follows:-

  1. Engagement – We work with you to understand your business and the events of the recent past. We bring a perspective from the outside world. We scope the research and who we need to involve – people. suppliers, customers. We agree a timetable and respect any necessary constraints.
  2. Discover – We find out what happened from the perspective of your people. We find out how they felt and how well responses to the event worked. The foundation of this step is the Values Centre Barrett Model, lessons learned templates and confidential interviews.
  3. Dialogue – We bring the research data to life by bringing together groups of people. This can be virtually or face to face. We draw out the learning through dialogue and analysis of the results. We can then see how aligned people are with the current organisational culture and where people see the future is.
  4. Feedback – We explore the insights of the analysis with the Leadership Team. This can be virtually or face to face. We work with the team to explore the evidence, ensure understanding of the root causes and the effects on staff. We tease out the key lessons for the future and agree the way forward.
  5. Action – We work with the Leadership Team to flesh out the ‘way forward’ agreed in the previous step. We help clarify how values will be supported by the revised operating model. Finally, we draw out the actions, responsibilities, schedule and budget required to deliver the change.

Why don’t you see if your business could benefit from our help by taking our Pulse Check?  We’re here to help you learn, adapt and evolve.