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Pulse Check

Try our simple Pulse Check to see whether you may benefit from our help.

Answer these questions and note how many of them you answer ‘Yes’ to.

For example:-

  • Recent Coronavirus pandemic
  • A takeover
  • Was the business continuity plan fit for purpose?
  • Have you reviewed it post the trauma and put things in place to remedy what didn’t work well?
  • Did you have a process in place to do this?
  • Did you have a process to keep in touch with staff whilst on furlough?
  • Have all your staff returned to work?
  • Did you have a process to welcome them back?
  • Have you completed the redundancy programme?
  • Have you reorganised your processes to accommodate the change in personnel?
  • Have they had sufficient training to do the new role?
  • Have their objectives been amended accordingly?
  • Do you have a plan to increase productivity again?
  • Are your team onboard with this plan?
  • Have you got a revised business plan to get you back on track?
  • Do you have a cashflow issue?
  • Do you need to consider diversifying your products/service?
  • Did you check in with your staff on a regular basis to check their physical and mental well being?
  • Did you make sure that a proper Health and Safety Assessment was carried out if they had to work in a different environment?
  • Have you put things into place to ensure that the workforce are fully safe and motivated to return to work?
  • Have you set up counselling sessions?
  • Have you done a risk assessment for staff with post traumatic stress disorder?
  • Do you now have some staff working from home?
  • Have you had to implement social distancing measures?
  • Have you had to adapt your sales offering to meet new customer requirements?  If so have you implemented the processes required for the new offereing to be sustainable?
  • Were you open and honest with your workforce throughout the trauma.
  • Do you need re reassess your values?
  • Do you still have staff working from home?
  • Did you provide them with the correct equipment to do their jobs safely?
  • Have you got staff working in the office?
  • Have you conducted a full risk assessment?

Did You Answer 'Yes' to any Questions?

If any of these resonate with you and you are fearful of  the future of your business then you might need some help.

How We Can Help

We’re a community of business change experts. We partner with our clients to understand how the organisation’s values withstood the pressure. We help draw out the practical learning that will improve your operation into the future. 

  1. Engagement – understand the business and the event
  2. Discover – using the Barrett Model Values Survey and one to one interviews
  3. Dialogue – bring the data to life
  4. Feedback – explore with the leadership team
  5. Action – create the I/what-we-do/improvement plan

Find out more.