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What We Do

Our 5 Step Process

Our ‘five-step’ process to help you understand how the organisation’s values withstood the pressure.  As well as helping you draw out the practical learning that will improve your operation into the future.


We work with you to understand your business and the events of the recent past. We bring a perspective from the outside world. We scope the research and who we need to involve - people. suppliers, customers. We agree a timetable and respect any necessary constraints.

2. Discover

We find out what happened from the perspective of your people. We find out how they felt and how well responses to the event worked. The foundation of this step is the Values Centre Barrett Model (explained below), lessons learned templates and confidential interviews.

3. Dialogue

We bring the research data to life by bringing together groups of people. This can be virtually or face to face. We draw out the learning through dialogue and analysis of the results. We can then see how aligned people are to the current organisational culture and where people see the future is.

4. Feedback

We explore the insights of the analysis with the Leadership Team. This can be virtually or face to face. We work with the team to explore the evidence, ensure understanding of the root causes and the effects on staff. We tease out the key lessons for the future and capture any actions required.

5. Action

We work with the Leadership Team to flesh out the 'way forward' agreed in the previous step. We help clarify how values will be supported by the revised operating model. Finally, we draw out the actions, responsibilities, schedule and budget required to deliver the change.

The Values Centre Barrett Model Survey

We use the Barratt Values Centre model which helps to understand the values of your employees, leaders and stakeholders.  It offers a means of creating a more supportive and productive relationships between them, and a deeper alignment of purpose across your organisation.

Focusing on values allows us to perceive and interpret the underpinnings of behaviour. As a result, we’re able to craft a clear and precise picture of your organisation’s present and future dynamics, without preconceptions – so that action plans are based on accurate insights, and tuned to your particular circumstances.

In fact, values are so fundamental to your organisation’s dynamics, they are actually a lead indicator of potential trouble areas. The seeds of issues can be identified long before they express themselves in your organisation’s culture, which gives you a tremendous advantage in addressing them.

The Barrett Values Centre conducted their own global Covid-19 Culture Assessment which demonstrates big changes in values and culture as a result of the pandemic. 

Barrett Model Description